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some crank ideas/theories/suggestions/other of my personal brew. I don't necessarily stand behind everything what follows. Some are good, some are less good, and some others are ugly. From my blog [1]

Crackpot stuff[edit]


Psychology and sociology models

The future of language, oral and "written". Mainly written.


Space mirrors, reflecting down light to power stations.

Use huge wings and speed, to glide up to space.

Send remotely controlled robots to build a space colony capable in receiving humans.


Try to find materials, with appreciable refraction index to these beams.

Political science[edit]

Random reform ideas

With some horse trading, the EU can become federalized very fast.

Monarchy, in witch the successor is simply the clone of the current king.


Possible speciation in modern humans.

Clay theory, plus lipid world theory, plus some of my insanity, and we have a beater then average theory on the origin of life.


Random stuff on autism

Stem cells are for pussies, rich pussies. Just grow humans with no brains and harvest there organs.

They recognize the colors instead of the shapes.


The parquets would hop from neighbor to neighbor, totally decentralized, no ISPs.


a closer look to the probabilities of quantum immortality.


Learning and using Chinese characters my way.