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The purpose of this page is to let me do some checks (rather than damaging an existing article).

This lesson introduces the main definitions used by both IT Service Management and Information Technology Infrastructure Library 2011.

Nuvola apps package utilities.png Objectives and Skills[edit]

Objectives and skills for this IT Service management section of the ITIL foundation include:

  • Define the main ITIL components.

Nuvola apps korganizer.svg Activities[edit]

  1. Review the key terms, then the questions below.
  2. Use the Discuss page to post comments and questions regarding this lesson.

Nuvola apps kdict.png Key Terms[edit]

Nuvola apps package editors.png Review Questions[edit]

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Nuvola filesystems folder orange.png References[edit]

ITIL 2011 Foundation
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Service Management Nuvola apps backward arrow.svg Nuvola apps forward arrow.svg Certification

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