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Thomas Steele-Maley lives in the Sheepscot Watershed, Maine USA and is founding director of Networked Learning Ecology North America (Previously the Institute for Global Civic Culture 2010-2011). He serves as lead designer of Global Civ a new learning ecology. He has taught courses in instructional technology at the University of Maine and is founding faculty advisor of the Midcoast Model United Nations Program. His major interests are in the nexus between networked learning, design, global studies and new learning ecologies. A graduate of University of Puget Sound (BA History) and University of Maine (MA Education)Thomas is currently working towards a Open and Networked Ph.D. in education.

During his tenure as a classroom teacher of global studies, world history, geography and Model United Nations, Thomas Steele-Maley devoted his career to planning with his students in technology rich, socially relevant learning environments. His work in teaching and learning focused on teacher and student leadership, ePortfolio assessment, collaborative learning environments, social networking, and mobile learning. His curriculum design is shaped for student collaboration, communication and problem solving in the twenty-first century.


Network Particulars[edit]




  • Networked Learning
  • Curriculum Integration
  • Use of design based research methods
  • ePortfolio integration K-20
  • New Learning Ecologies
  • Participatory and Collective Solutions (Emphasis on learning/deschooling)
  • Sociology
  • Anthropology