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New year's eve of 2011, chatting with dad over Empathy

Here you'll find my English language projects, there is more at my page at Portuguese Wikiversity

To get in touch with me, leave a message on my discussion page, check my ORCiD or my personal channel.



ContentMine in Open Global Health

The dynamics and social organization of innovation in the field of oncology

An ongoing research collaboration between Canada, France and USA, funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research


E-participation in the EuroDIG

A research project executed during the final phase of the IGCB Programme of the Diplo Foundation



Open Global Health


Wikiversities: get over the content, serve the flow, presented at Wikimania 2017 (see submission)


Open Global Health ContentMine Fellowship Application

OCSDNet Proposal

Understanding and strengthening the development impact of community based knowledge production spaces by combining ethnographic and data analysis of their evolution as a collaboration network

OCSDNet Proposal with Sarita and Jenny

Social development from open and collaborative science communities


E-participation and Internet Governance

A research proposal prepared for the final phase of the IGCB Programme of the Diplo Foundation.

Portuguese Wikipedia Qualitative Researcher

A research proposal in response to Wikimedia Foundation's RFP.

Spreading health information and behaviour through social media seeded by a national survey in Brazil

Refusing Intellectual Property

How could the State recognize and empower free-as-in-freedom authors, and how could these authors make it happen?


Trust transitivity in social networks

Some observations on a paper in arXiv from Oliver Richters and Tiago P. Peixoto.