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Social Contributions:[edit]

  1. Mobile phone addiction - What motivates addictive mobile phone use? Suggested to look at a article that showed that children who has a high learning motivation tend to use their mobile phone less compares to those who have low learning motivation.
  2. End of life regrets - What do people regret most, why, and what can be done about it? Suggested an article which suggested that regret can be increased and decreased through the modifications of imagery perspective
  3. Culture shock - what is culture shock, what causes it and what cane done about it? Found this interesting Ted Talk about embracing culture shock which I suggests they could add as an external resource
  4. Homesickness - what is homesick and what are the associated risks and protective factors? Tedtalk about the history of homesickness which I found has useful information you could use or even include as an external resource
  5. Prenatal depression - what is it, what are the risk factors and how can it be managed? Recommended a really good review article on the topic