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At Wikimania 2007 in Taipei. Care of user:Joi.
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I'm Samuel Klein, a Wikipedian and sometime Meta-essayist, and passionate about collaborative learning. I build global communities of learning for a children's laptop project. I got the nicest welcome message ever here -- thanks, Trevor!

You can read a few of my thoughts on this page and its subpages.

Interesting pages[edit]


  • Figure out how to integrate 'learning resource' collections into the WV namespace. There is no other site where learning resources (whatever that means to the people involved) can be modified in place or discussed; it seems like a good fit here. See for instance the 40-100k entries in the "LRE for schools" portal & search engine.
    the GLOBE Exchange has something over a million entries in its database; similarly closed in practice though openly licensed.
other interesting links
Wiki Campus Radio, Open Source Software, Software freedom

faves and raves[edit]


  • Topic:Instructional design - layered, good detail down to the third tier, passable (if drafty) mapping of overviews onto common academic conception of the topic.


Specific courses and projects:


  • School:Nonkilling_studies is odd; all current content should be on WB, but perhaps some projects could be designed around it. It is the sort of material that has real-world courses focused on it.

expanding use of WV, WB, and WS[edit]

Wikiversity, Wikibooks, and Wikisource all have the potential to fill a void in the free content landscape that schools, teachers, authors, and students all feel.

  • There is no obvious place to publish free primary source materials so that they are actually widely visible and used on the web. Wikisource is awkward for these people to use, and they don't know how to format their works so that they map onto a series of wikipages (with a title page? how to wrap them together?), or they have a pdf or jpg which doesn't obviously fit there either (so... you upload to Commons with commonsist... then create a blank page for each image? a gallery? how does ocr and translation start?)
    see for instance the 1200+ elements of the World Digital Library, most of which are not yet on Commons or used in WM projects.
  • There is no obvious place to publish learning resources and class materials. If they're not texts they don't belong on wikibooks. If they are standalone "algebra problem sets"... well, how do you name the relevant page here on WV?
  • If you are making a book out of classroom materials, say handouts and worksheets, it's not clear how to start across {WB, WV}, where to have the master project page describing the whole, or how to generate something once you're done that you could print or hand out.

General thoughts and examples of people who have overcome each of these points are welcome.

testing and love[edit]

don't link anything from anywhere.

see User:JWSchmidt and User:Whiteknight for interesting contribs.

2009 Board discussions[edit]

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