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Life-long Student[edit]

I've been a life-long student of the Humanities, Languages, History, Military Sciences, Geopolitics, Philosophy, Theology, such languages as Latin, Spanish, some French and even some Biblical Greek and Arabic

As someone who believes in life-long learning, in the area of Latin studies, I highly recommend Professor Wheelock's approach of introducing students to actual ancient Roman texts as opposed to "made-up" Latin. Will try to work on the Latin project as I think there's a crying need for more Internet-based information on Latin. It is offered in the USA, with which I'm most familiar in only a small fraction of high schools. In the private school world, however, I've seen it offered as low as 3rd grade! Think about that! The younger, the better able is the mind to both adopt and adapt too a new language.


My email is

Wikipedia and the wiki world[edit]

As for Wikipedia and it's affiliates, I love them because they allow anyone to add to the sum total of human knowledge and is also a great outlet for budding writers and editors. I am proud to be associated with Wikipedia and it's affiliates and consider it a truely amazing human resource that all humanity can be proud of.

Keith Simon's Background[edit]

As a child growing up on a farm in the midwest USA, I used to enjoy reading encyclopedias up in the upper reaches of a maple tree. Little could I have imagined at that time, in the mid- 20th Century, that one day, I would actually contribute to a encyclopedia of revolutionary scope and import, a truly international project that all editors ,(vandals excluded), can be proud to be associated with.

One of the things I most like about Wikipedia is how research in one area leads to others and one never knows where the trail of information will take the reader. This is way cool, and one of the most mind-expanding aspects of Wikipedia, nes pas?

Wikipedia is an opportunity to give back something of my life experience and education in history, languages, philosophy, geo-political-military issues, miltary science, history (ancient, military, US and european) and information technology as well as language skills in English, Spanish, French (and occasionally Latin and a little Greek) with a wider audience of fellow info junkies.


Midwest USA-Ohio raised - Currently Pacific NorthWest USA. Wet in the winter but beautiful in the summer and 2 snow-capped volcanoes to admire from the window.

Life Story and Stream of Thought musings

Born in Montreal, Canada.

Adopted by a 3rd generation Irish-German Ohio, farmer (tool-and-die (40 year union United Auto Workers UAW) man, and his wife, a 2nd generation Czech farm girl with an 8th grade education. When I was 11, my adopted mother Frances, died and Jack, my adopted dad married an English teacher, Pat. Suddenly my "I ain't got no(s)" became unacceptable and I was lovingly told that I was expected to learn to speak and write English correctly. My father, a WW-II US Navy vet, and Ohio born and raised farm boy, become tool-and-die maker, was still at the "What did they learn ya in school, son?" stage.

Education - I didn't really learn English in any organizational or structural way in elementaty school. It was not until I studied Spanish and Latin in high school and college and learned all about declensions, conjugations, parsing verbs and all kinds of painfully boring stuff that English took on any shape. In college, when I used to complain to my English Composition teacher, Msgr. Leonard J. Fick, that I was struggling to turn in a paper that didn't return with more red ink then black, his sensitive response was, "Keep working... Knowledge maketh a bloody entrance." Armed with that inspiring admonition, I marched forth into Latin class where I used to whine to an exasperated Latin teacher, Msgr. Clarence Klausing, "but I'm trying, Father!" His response was, "Oh Mr. Simon, you are very trying. Trying I was, but with 4 years of high school, 7 years of college including 2 years of law school and a lot of hard knocks, I began to grow up at about age 40.

Hard Lessons - One thing I did learn - you can learn from your mistakes but will repeat them until you learn the lessons that they impart and actually change your behavior and outgrow outmoded ways. Its the easy left or the hard right. The wrong way is just that - wrong. Trust your instincts but get quiet enough and still enough to listen for inspiration.

Military - 23 years as a US Marine Corps officer challenged me as a young turk out of college and really helped me to grow up. I also met some incredibly interesting and talented men and women in the Corps as well as a few real "stinkers." I got to about age 25 emotionally, as a result.

Cummulative Effect - Emotionally, at least I've "grown" beyond Theodore Roosevelt about whom, his friend, Henry Cabot Lodge said, "You see, you have to understand...Theodore is about six." Come to think about it, actually, TR's childish wonder and sponge-like curiosity is something many of us Wikipedians share in common.

My Nature - A self-proclaimed historian, info junkie, IT professional with more than 23 years US military service as an officer in the US Marine Corps. Currently working in the IT industry in the North West USA.

'Values - Judeo-Christian-Monotheist. Have studied history of Christianity in all its forms for many years, from Roman Catholicism and the Protestant Reformation with its derivatives to so-called non-traditional aspects such as Christian Science, Latter Day Saints, Jehovah's Witnesses. Everyone has to find his/her own way. I'll take any sincere believer in God as he/she sees it or at least a person with a moral compass with a sense of right and wrong or a code of ethics to a relativist who believes in nothing. "Since you are neither cold nor hot...." Christ Jesus. Islam is cool as long as Muslims actually they follow the Prophet, (peace be upon him) who brought his people out of pagan darkness and taught them to respect other's sincere beliefs and let his message speak for itself in the quiet of their souls. Shalom/Salem/Peace!

Politics - Conserative Democrat or Liberal Republican - what's the difference and where's the middle, anyway? In media stat virtute. as the Romans used to say.

Email: SimonATL(at)

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