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About me

Shane Bonventre
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Why I want to learn filmmaking.
I want to become a filmmaker because I feel like Filmmaking is what I was meant to do. All day, I just think of different aspects of my life and how they are never captured on film and how I would love to introduce these events to other people through film. I don't ever expect to be a big hollywood director, (not to say that couldn't happen), but I just lose myself whenever doing anything involving movies. I understand most people go to film school to get started in the buisness, unfortunately at the moment I don't have the funds or the oppurtunity to do that at the moment. So any help you could provide would be great.

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Basic Filmmaking (Pre-production) Course

Official student status: ShaneBon
I am a basic filmmaking student at Wikiversity Film School beginning June 2008

Basic filmmaking student: ShaneBon

Completed assignment - Pop Quiz
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June 11, 2008 -- ShaneBon says,

Question #1
The First shot I would use would be an establishing shot of The Movie Theatre Sign to let the audience know where the two people are at.

Question #2
The Second shot I would use would be shot# 2, to let they audience know what the two are looking at.