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This desk is intended to be a 'portal' to various kinds of research on Wikiversity and other projects..

How to answer a question[edit]


  • Cite existing research and literature, many 'research' questions have been asked

many times before.

  • Suggest repeatable experimental tactics to support claims.
  • Be prepared to have your contributions critiqued mercilessly.
  • Quote the full experiment. ( Context is important)


  • Promote 'fringe' theories. Strong claims need even stronger evidence.
  • Plagarise. Academic fraud is a serious matter.
  • Rely on others to spot the 'missing' term.
  • Self-Publish your own results here.
  • Expect your paper to be written for you !

To suggest a research question, please suggest it under the appropriate heading below.


  • Q: For any 5 points, defined in a clockwise order, determine if they all lie in the same plane.


  • Q: How hot does water have to be to boil?
  • Q: What is effect of wind speed, upon rainfall angle?


  • Q: What impact does pruning shock have on shrub based species?


  • Q: What lateral movement effects does the removal of earth or rock above 'tunnels' have upon a tunnel through the rock beneath the removed portion?
  • Q: What is the impact of hydrological or hydraulic pressure build up on cast iron cylinder tunnel construction?

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