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NB The following is considered dual licensed as GFDL and CC-By-SA, I've no objections to it being used and adapted, Some of the verses are from the original s: Eternal_Father,_Strong_to_Save (a work now in the public domain)

The contributions of User:AdamCuerden in the creation of both lyrical arrangments below is greatly appreciated.

The 2008 Wiki arrangment[edit]

   Eternal Father, strong to save,
   Whose arm hath bound the restless wave,
   Who bidd'st the mighty ocean deep
   Its own appointed limits keep;
   Oh, hear us when we cry to Thee,
   For those in peril on the sea!

   O Christ who on the earth did live
   And saw the evils men did give,
   Taught wisdom which men's pride denied
   And liveth on though He had died,
   Please heed this call, protection deign
   To all those that shall cross the plain
   O spirit who in heaven dwells,
   And swarming darkness ever quells,
   From vengeful judgement us protect,
   And to mercies compassion us direct.
   We ask thy blessings Thou disperse
   On those whom the blue skies traverse

   Lord God creator, from this day
   The sin of wrath in all us stay
   And tie us not to cause of birth,
   May ev'ry man get judged at worth!
   Thy guided wisdom, offer thee,
   For all those who shall now be free

Inaugural arrangment (lyrics)[edit]

Verses Arrangement Written from (Nov 5th 2008.) The intent was to create a nominally 'Presidential' version here.

   O Father, whom to mankind gave
   Respected elders, prophets brave.
   Through word divine, deed set apart
   That we should learn inside our heart
   And Wisdom may Thou always grant
   To those in whom a seed we plant.

   (Lawyers/men of Justice)
   Christ, Son redeemer, worthy judge
   Let not the tempter morals budge
   False witness none of us let bear
   When charge be brought, make judgement fair
   Let innocent ne'er trials fear
   When we are called to judgement here.

   (Political leaders)
   O Spirit, beacon at our side
   Appointed leaders always guide
   And lead them with Thy unseen hand,
   To act in wisdom towards their land;
   And, in Thy mercy, guide each deed
   For those who our nation would lead

   Lord God creator, from this day
   The sin of wrath in all us stay
   And tie us not to cause of birth:
   Let ev'ry man get judged at worth!
   Thy guidance ever offer Thee,
   For all those who shall now be free