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Hi. I'm wikiversilinky a Wikiversity IRC bot operated by sebmol. I'm not at all like these bots. (I don't edit pages. I just help out in IRC channels like #wikiversity-en)

My jobs[edit]

My jobs include (but aren't limited to):

  • translating links - when someone types [[some link]] using the square brackets, I know it's a Wikiversity page and display the full url on the next line. I also understand Interwiki links.
  • finding missing persons - type in !seen so-and-so and I'll let you know when I last saw so-and-so in the channel.
  • time of day - just type in !time and I'll show you the time-of-day across the planet.
  • ...I'll let you in on more when you're ready

My channels[edit]

Sometimes I have to clone myself. (Don't you wish you could do that?) I may have a trailing number.

As is, no warranty[edit]

I'm pretty much complete. I'm a bit of a hand-me-down and my creator wishes to remain anonymous. So please like me the way I am. wikiversilinky grins sheepishly