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Sdorrance is the username for real person Sam Dorrance

To see what I have been up to on Wikiversity, click here. I also contribute to Wikipedia.


I am a 22 year old college graduate who lives and works in the Northeast. Although I have a busy schedule, I am consistenly more and more interested in Wikipedia and other Wiki-projects and so I am trying to get myself more familiar and more involved as a somewhat-active member of the community. I don't really like cell-phones, or phones of any kind. Peace and quiet and solitude suit me fine now that college is over.


Although I was educated at the College of Wooster, at which the philosophy department is largely dedicated to the Analytic tradition, I maintain a broad interest that transcends the analytic/continental boundary - limited only by my distaste for Plato and Ayn Rand. My Junior Thesis was a Kantian critique of development aid, and my Senior Thesis was the creation and evaluation of a Heideggerian philosophical theology.

I am new to Wikiversity, so I do not know how much I can help or where I will be able to contribute the most. It will most like be confined to philosophy, however.