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i am saqib waheed

Review Of seminar Topic( Benefits, concerns of online advertisement)[edit]

Content to be added[edit]

1) You can mention some tool names in measurability to check the coversion rate

2) You can mention how basically do not track work in Anti-targeting technologies for example with the help of Do not track field in HTTP header

3) The line in Privacy concern "Nowadays many many user on internet concerns about their privacy" use the user are concerned but how people do that and how people bug that is web bug its not related to this line so you can expand it.

4) In trustworthiness of advertiser nothing is explained please check it again i think you forgot to explain

Some lines are hard to understand, its little bit unclear what exactly is the meaning, which i mentioned below[edit]

a) In Formatting topic the line "video advertising refers to advertising that occurs on Internet television.It is served before,during and/or after a video stream on the internet" and after that also is little bit unclear what exactly you want to say so i think you can improve the definition and context related to it

b) In Concerns topic the line "Experienced Web users are in "search mode" and tend to ignore banner ads as irrelevant for their search" is understandable but not linking to the next line or paragraph i mean yes they can ignore but how its better than normal user or something like that so that a line make sense

c) In Technological variations topic the line "Ad blocking mean the advertising not display on web pages this is very big disadvantage for advertiser" its a disadvantage but how it effects is not related and its just you the name of browsers next which have these programs to block ad


Overall all the topics are covered but some content can be improve by adding the points which i mentioned above. I also have added some points and corrected some things which i found wrong. There are some topics also which are explained twice once in your part and once in mine so we can improve that also and you can also add about "Regulations in advertisement" in terms of privacy and delivery methods. So in my opinion the content has to be improved a bit more.