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Salvor Gissurardottir

I live in Reykjavik Iceland. I teach at Iceland University of Education, my field is eEducational Technology and use of computers and Internet in education. /memo

I participated in the first Wikipedia conference Wikimania 2005, I gave a presentation about use of wikis in education, brainstorming with wikis

Abstract of my Wikimania 2005 presentation: The author suggest in this presentation how wiki can be used in on-line distance teacher education as a brainstorming tool, peer assessment activity, and a tool to develop accessment criterias for e-portfolio based learning environment.

I participated in Wikimania 2006 in Boston and gave a presentation about wikibooks and webquests.

Abstract of my Wikimania 2006 presentation: "This paper explores how educators can use and when creating constructivist learning environment on the Web. Educators can design Wikibooks that link together Wikipedia articles and include student-centered and authentic inquiry-based learning tasks. These learning tasks could be Webquests. A WebQuest is a model to teach with the web that was developed in early 1995 at San Diego State University by Bernie Dodge with Tom March. A Webquest is an inquiry oriented activity in which some or all of the information that learners interact with comes from resources on the internet. Open content such as Webquests as part of a Wikibook can make the writing and updating of a webquest a collaborative process for teachers and can also make possible for learners to interact with the task - rewriting it or making changes such as adding links to resources, maintaining links collections, providing tips and messages and adding their own findings/solutions to problems thus changing the task for future learners travelling on the same learning path. "

The Icelanders in Wikimania 2006
Ævar, Friðrik og Salvör

I have been a blogger since year 2000 and keep several blogs, some of them are in English, here is my : Elgg blog and here is my videoblog Salvor videoblogging. Links to some of my websites are here. I have set up experimental mediawiki for my students to try out how to use wikis and Wikipedia in education. My main blog is /quiz-testing

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