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Editing Wikis is Hard[edit]

After a million years of experimentation, I have discovered the force single spacing functionality! s s s s s

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Lesson One: Reading? Everything is a link. What the hell, right? Okay, I know that's not true, but it might as well be. You'd better check your trigger-finger or you'll be tumbling and fumbling like a clumsy ninja. A wiki is actually a perpetual motion machine powered by a cycle of anxiety and optimism. To save yourself, you must master categories, navigation boxes, and infoboxes. Curious yet? Oh, it knows.

Lesson Two: Editing? Everything is a template. If [[links]] weren't enough, {{templates}} add a whole new level of coordinated obfuscation to the mix. As far as I can tell, it's templates all the way down.
Lesson Three: The writing and editing "standards" are more like guidelines entertainment. There are a dozen or so for everything you might want to do. Pick one and run with it. Or don't -- that seems to work just fine, too. Just for shits, the standards are standardized using the standards you don't understand.
Lesson Four: Wiki is a Lifestyle. It's an entire universe, settling down for a family dinner, bitching politely about manners, fighting pleasantly over who can make the best origami napkins, drooling on the food and stealing leftovers. And everybody pees on the same tree. Luckily there's an army of Roombas (?) to the pick up the shattered ideals.
Lesson Five: The syntax is actually an inside-joke that only web-servers understand. The power users have learned how to smile and nod. Nobody laughs. There is no joy. The source code, although ambiguous, is not white-space-friendly, which has actually saved me substantial time by allowing me to ignore important information without realizing it.
Lesson Six: "Browsing" a wiki is the most efficient path to insanity. Everything is distracting. Everything looks the same. It's a texticular cancer. Riddles of black and blue, jokers in red, the purple burn of a ticking clock. Tunnel vision... of... disjointed ideas -- close proximity... sequence... rapid succession. Violent... uncontrollable... time-travel... 1995
Lesson Seven: Just because you can picture a house, doesn't mean you can find it. Template:Solar System Some day, I vow this will work

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