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This account is a sock of User:Abd, who knew Feynman at Cal Tech, sat in the two years of lectures that became the standard text on physics, had dinner with him and sat with him in front of the fireplace at Page House, while he told his later-famous stories, and thinks he was way cool.

His inspiration was particularly important to Abd on two occasions: when Abd was facing a United States Selective Service Draft Bored, and taking his draft physical, and when Abd came into contact with the evidence for Cold fusion, which is a situation where what became massive experimental evidence was rejected because of lack of explanatory theory. The worship of theory as the foundation of science is an aspect of Cargo cult science, though there are other characteristics.

If Abd assumed that Cold fusion was real and rejected contrary evidence on that basis, he'd be making the same mistake.

verified --Abd 00:31, 5 March 2011 (UTC)