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As you can see by some of the awkward links below, I'm still new around here (April 2018).

Despite that, the sign on the door says be bold, so I’m being bold. In particular I’m not shy about either fixing typos or editing for clarity when I see something I think is written awkwardly. I learn a lot by doing so, since I have to know the subject really well.

I am a firm believer that to truly master a subject you must be able to describe it to a young child. While most people using Wikiversity aren’t young children, explaining something In simple language and anticipating questions are important. In my writings and edits, I hope to do that.

I'm an educator, biologist, writer (non-fiction and fiction), editor, artist, and dilettante.

I'm very likely to pop up anywhere (and I have) and try and clean up awkward language, or clarify information. It helps me learn. Beyond that I try only to really meddle in things I know about.

I have more ideas than time, as do most people.

Main Interests[edit]

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Outside Resources[edit]

I tried various ways to add this to Draft:Paleontology Discussion, but can't figure out a way to do so that follows the wiki rules. Who Gets to be a Geologist An April, 2018 article, on some difficulties facing women, POC, and differently abled students in geology, causing many of them to drop out. Could be useful in picking areas to address.

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