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Dear WikiVersity,

Much of my writings are anchored in
I am a child of knowledge, I existed to know what i know not.
So now, it is to fill in what gaps i find in this place.
  • smile*

email contact: red1(at)

About Me[edit]

Redhuan D. Oon has, since venturing on his own in 1980, taken to very undisciplined experiences:

  • Learning - from cosmology to what presidential candidates say on CNN
  • Teaching - from dropout school-kids to the university hopeless
  • Selling - from newspapers, mugs to an entire B2B transatlantic migration project
  • Computing - from caching payslips to debugging Java
  • Conspiring - from escaping work to world domination

I never attended University[edit]

  • Perhaps this is a proud truth i profess in, having never attended beyond A' Levels Cambridge from my high school, i have by choice left the paper chase and now bask in utter alienation of the ivory towers.
  • It saves me a lot of interview money because i never attended one, as they all ask for a formal degree before i can attend.
  • I have to work in more creative ways to get where i want
  • Ok, ok, i am more hungry than you... you, you Fatsos!

What I Like To Do Here?[edit]

Open Source ERP[edit]

  • What i have been doing and teaching too
  • There are so many learning points that i wish to capture and leave as legacy
  • Open Source ERP/Executive Masters is now offered in a private University that supports Open Source spirit by having the materials free.

Open Source Community[edit]

  • Eric Raymond's Bazaar requires further practical treatment and experience
  • Much recent development that has split into Commercial and Community variations
  • As founding member of a top ten SourceForge project ADempiere Bazaar i can share many tots on it