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Owning the Intangible[edit]

Possession, Theft, and (Mis)Appropriation of Ideas[edit]

Sadhana Athreya
IP vs. IP: Intellectual Property vs. Indigenous Peoples
Braden Brown
The Importance of Patenting the Human Genome
Jayson Campos
True Ownership
Andrew Clark
Sports Patents: Hurting Not Helping
Morgan Counts
Trademarks on Common Words: Potential consequences for generic trademark holders
Sidharth Dhananjay
CopyTube 2.0: YouTube and Beyond
Peter Dixon
What's So Original About Originality?
Martin Estrada
Free Speech vs. Copyright: Parody Rights in the Air Pirates and Beyond
Andrew Frerick
Sharing Music in the Digital Age
Michael Himmel
Alternatives to Copyright: Constructing a Common Consensus for the Creative
Claire Tseng
The Exploration of a Solution to Music Sampling That Contributes to the Musical Culture