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This is the "StarTrekVsStarWars.txt" file,
created WED 2011 AUG 10 04:45 PM,
revised SUN 2011 NOV 27 06:24 PM.

Back in 1960, when I was a freshman in college, Tomlinson Hall at 
Case Institute of Technology was always crowded, standing room only, 
on Thursday nights at 7:00 PM. The original Star Trek series was playing to 
a crowd of engineering students. 

Much as I appreciated Gene Roddenberry's science fiction creation, 
I have long felt that he failed to address properly two issues relevant 
to twentieth century mathematics. I offer these two "episodes" to correct 
these omissions. Of course, I am not the writer Gene was, so some Trekkies 
may take delight in "improving" upon my stilted dialog. But I do intend to 
lay out the basic story for these "missing" episodes.

1. Mister Spock Does the Logical Thing


2. The Court-Martial of Captain Jean-Luc Picard


I found some material in the sandbox that I thought was interesting.
If I can retrieve some of this from the history files, it might provide a
forum for Star Wars fans, too. Isn't creative American literature a reasonable 
course for University study?

3. Star Wars Fans and Star Trek Fans Continue the Story (or Stories)

The end.

P. S. I found out why the links to the "missing" Star Trek episodes did not seem to work, and fixed the problem. I had attempted to use the links within a "pre-formatted section. Once I put in a few more HTML tags, I got the links to work.

Ray Calvin Baker 01:22, 2 December 2011 (UTC)