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About me[edit]

I am student u3144175 at the University of Canberra. I am completing my final semester of my third year, studying a Bachelor of Science, in Psychology. In future years I hope to work in the field of child psychology.

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  1. 6.10pm 18 October 2017 RainbowUnicorn provided feedback and advice on U3111270's Temptation Wikiversity page
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  3. 11.58pm 19 October 2017 RainbowUnicorn provided adjustments to the Overview section of Paraphilia Motivation article, to improve grammatical flow
  4. 12.09am 20 October 2017 Rainbow Unicorn provided feedback on the Paraphilia Motivation article, suggesting a video for the external links section, or as a way of further engaging viewers of the page
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  6. 10.55pm 21 October 2017 RainbowUnicorn added a paragraph about conditioning to the Implications section of this article.
  7. 11.07pm 21 October 2017 RainbowUnicron provided feedback possible additions to chapter.


  1. 9.42pm 18 October 2017 Responded to a question on Moodle about the use of Case Studies within the article
  2. 10.03pm 18 October 2017 Posted on Moodle thread encouraging feedback on Pleasure and Motivation article