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ABOUT ME[edit]

10 fun facts about me!

  1. I am in my third year of Psychology at UC, and hope to go on to do my Masters in Social Work
  2. I played the trumpet in a travelling marching band and have performed at Universal Studios, Disneyland, The Calgary Stampede and many Raiders games!
  3. I am a St George Illawarra Dragons supporter
  4. I can fit into children's sized shoes
  5. I used to sign birthday cards and letters with the last name "Efron"
  6. I know every word to all Harry Potter films and have read the book series 12 times
  7. I won a history scholarship while I was in high school
  8. I am only 5 feet tall
  9. I have double jointed thumbs and shoulders
  10. My favourite musician is Billy Joel


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