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I am discovering via Abd, on 14 Sept 2014, what Wikiversity is about.

I am Singularity Utopia, reasonably well-known in Singularity/Transhumanism circles.

The issue is artificial intelligence, robots, nanotech, biotech, synbio, and all other aspects of technology progressing exponentially. It, the Singularity, is an explosion of intelligence. My name focuses on the view it will be utopian.

I have published a variety of articles via notable futurology blogs, web magazines (H+ Magazine is probably the most noteworthy). I am not overly active these days regarding these issues. I tend to be most active on my G+ page: Singularity 2045.

You can find some of my images here:

Sadly Wikiversity seems rather limited because I can't upload images, I think only "educators" can do that perhaps. I am unsure how one becomes an educator, or if I really need to be an educator. I think I will leave my input to easier platforms where I can easily upload images.