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About Vivek Sharma[edit]

Teacher, author and consultant with over 20 years of experience in a really wide range of fields including

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Economics
  • Small and Medium business management
  • Marketing
  • Strategic management
  • Environmental issues
  • Soft Skill development
  • Statistics
  • Mentoring budding entrepreneurs

And so on to a wide variety of audience from under matriculate EDP tranees, school kids, under and post graduate students to retired & sr. Officers.

Skill Sets[edit]

  • Earned a rich practical knowledge working on a large number of projects including on *Entrepreneurship Development
  • Identifying market requirements
  • developing and running of innovative, multi-disciplinary and new courses based upon those emerging trends
  • contributed in quality control and teacher education in Higher Education
  • conducted, coordinated, contributed in or guided various surveys and studies, EDPs, EEDPs, SME development programs
  • cluster development, training and development of managers, stakeholder management in SME,
  • Project design, coordination and implementation in business, marketing, education, public policy
  • HR in education, SME and not for profit organizations
  • trained and coached budding entrepreneurs for change management.

Currently working on[edit]

A teacher with commitment to subject

Key Competencies[edit]

Ability to communicate and relate well with diverse groups - with a layman as well as a 'techi', from schoolgirls to retired officers and managers. Teaching, researching and developing new and interdisciplinary areas. Ability to bridge theoretical and practical aspects to facilitate learning Ability to identify areas, facilitate and develop collaborations for cooperation. Design and develop new, innovative, path breaking courses in higher education and development and dissemination of e-learning materials, Ability to conceive, develop, organize workshops, seminars, management game sessions, training sessions, manage speakers and participant concerns. Continuous learning – studied over 60 subjects at the university level, but learned more including Hinduism, Photography, ICT, Web content development, engaging people in fruitful activities.


  • Entrepreneurship Development using inputs from culture and religion.
  • Developing n – ach and other competencies using inputs from Gita the holy book of The Hindus.
  • SME, rural, micro and green entrepreneurship.
  • Collaboration development online and in-person.
  • Innovation, creativity and Intrapreneurship training
  • Change management related to Small & Medium scale Industry, mergers & acquisitions
  • Change management related to business process improvement
  • Developing and conducting personal mentoring programs for individuals in family business.
  • Developing succession management plan for family business
  • Marketing, communications and event management for 'Educational projects and initiatives'.
  • Identification of staff training needs and developing programs for SME.
  • Creating strategies for engaging, empowering and coaching various groups for development.
  • Business process improvement in SME.


I have been working upon varoius projects: E learning model and portal development, training of entrepreneurs in India using the inputs from Indian culture. Has anybody tried it in other regions? Need for achievement can be incorporated in one's personality by using concepts from 'Gita'- a holy book of Hindus, work ethics by using the concepts of 'kirat karo' from Sikhism, 'Halaal' from Islam

I am looking forward to similar work being done by others. Please leave me a massage or mail me. Vivek.