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Find the displacements of the three bodies and the forces ( tensile/compressive) in the springs. What are the reactions at the walls? Assume only horizontal translation.


The nodes and elements are labeled in the problem. Create a connectivity table.

C:\Users\Josh\Desktop\Problem 6---Connectivity Table.png

Construct Elemental equilibrium equations for all 6 elements.

Here is a sample equilibrium equation for element 3:

The notation for : The superscript parenthesis signifies the element number, while the subscript signifies the associated node number.

With element forces calculated, a node equilibrium can be established.

Start with a free-body diagram of each node, and then create the equation:

Make sure all forces are positive and modeled in tension.

Combine your elemental equilibrium equations with your nodal equilibrium equations for the global stiffness correlation:

Solving with MATLAB: