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Centerpiece of Education (1890), a stained glass window by Louis Comfort Tiffany and Tiffany Studios[1], located in Linsly-Chittenden Hall at Yale University. It depicts Science (personified by Devotion, Labor, Truth, Research and Intuition) and Religion (personified by Purity, Faith, Hope, Reverence and Inspiration) in harmony, presided over by the central personification of Light, Love, Life.


So much can be learned when efforts are applied to accomplishing the goals at hand. Learning by experimentation, practical application, research of available resources, differentiating multiple intelligences, and simple browsing of interesting subject matter is at the forefront of producing excellent work, art, music, knowledge bases and spearheads the future of invention, creativity and the beauty of humanity ~Pappy


  1. Note on licensing: the window design itself is public domain because the creator died over 70 years ago. The images are tagged as PD-self because, as a stained glass window that varies considerably in appearance based on complex lighting conditions (and has elements of 3-dimensionality), photographs likely create a new copyright (by me, Sage Ross, in this case) which also needs to be released or licensed. (shown below is {{PD-self}})

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Classroom Assignment (Illustration of references)

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Education (Chittenden Memorial Window)[1]

Artwork by Orschster[2]


  1. Tiffany glass artwork titled Education
  2. Sam, a student of Orsch


Education from a different perspective[1] with creative tendencies toward illustrations[2]. Experiments make research and development work for you.[factual?][3]


  1. Point of View
  2. Visuals are fun and style rules that enhance
  3. Reference hounds with their nose to the trail of reliable source

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Classroom Assignment[1][edit]

The Heirarchi(e)cal

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The philosophy which lead to a vision of creative education coupled with an ample opportunity of resource to create the model of gaining knowledge.

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  1. The evolution of the classroom, its function as ClassroomAssignment

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Agalychnis callidryas[edit]

red eyed tree frog; a Featured Picture Agalychnis callidryas; Picture of the day January 29, 2009

Sister classroom assignment at Артыкул. Talk page for request for translator. {{m:Meta-Babel}}, m:Meta-Babel,

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Science project with inter-language, biology, alternate education, education, inter-culture, other, (a project of the Orsch non-public school in Gunnison, Colorado, U.S.A.).

Red Eyed Tree Frog[edit]

The link above (Section header) takes you to the Contents (The purpose of this is w:Academic research)

For other species commonly known as the red-eyed tree frog, see w:Litoria chloris

The Red eyed tree frog (Agalychnis callidryas) is an w:arboreal hylid native to w:Neotropical rainforests in w:Central America.

Red eyed tree frog prepared for dissection
Consideration for Red eyed tree frog[edit]
Science, the art of learning creative ways to educate (age 7); stuffed frog with innards sewn (stitched) into anatomy. The sewing class[1] will construct innards from a concensus of scientific facts. The resultant stuffed red eyed tree frog will literally be stuffed with its own innards and Whip stitched(whip stitched) to allow dissection repeatedly[2].
Eskimo children sewing, ca. 1900-30
Science Lab: A red eyed tree frog prepared to be dissected.

WikiSource Information data related to science experiments and sewing[3].


  1. Wikiversity Sewing Class
  2. Diversion to entropy, follow rabbit-trails at your own descretion.
  3. Wikipedia Sewing Classes as illustrated by the red letter link is open for creation on the Wikimedia.

Inter-wiki Russian User Orschstaffer[edit]

Участник:Orschstaffer will be my user page at Russia Wikipedia. The talk page has begun a discussion beginning with a request for Russian - English translator. There is something called EdwardBot which delivers general messages translated.

Is there anyone out there who would like to teach Russian language (or some equivicable device for understanding the inter-language complications of collaboration in two or more languages); the content of my Участник(user) page will consist of:

  • breaching the language barrier,
  • requesting collaboration and discussion with education/alternative education/or culturally significant education entity (like a typical rural community schoolhouse) on the science/biology topic of the preparation to the dissection of a red eyed tree frog. A volunteer from the toybox has kindly given permission to illustrate this with two photos, which can be attractively viewed as a gallery.

Orschstaffer on the Russia Wikipedia

Relativity to Other Matter[edit]

One Room Schoolhouse, Gunnison, Colorado, U.S.A.
One Room Schoolhouse student artwork

Quizzes | Gunnison County Resource | Orschstaffer (talk) 04:28, 1 July 2012 (UTC)

English Literature preserving the arts and humanity The Oldest English Epic[1]

Beowulf: Gummere Translation - Internet History Sourcebooks
Beowulf, Translated by Francis B. Gummere , The Harvard Classics, Volume 49. (P.F. Collier & Son., 1910). This text is in the public domain, released July 1993.

References pertaining to

  1. ancient poetry
2. ↑ photoimage of education above

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