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Shimmering bees drive hornet away. A video originally published in the supplementary materials to a PLoS ONE article.


This page hosts a grant application for the "Wissenswert" funding scheme run by Wikimedia Germany in late 2011. The proposal was submitted on November 24 and can be accessed here (in German). Comments and suggestions still very welcome.

For a related proposal that had been submitted in 2010, see here (plus interview in German).

Project title[edit]

Open-Access media importer for Wikimedia Commons

Basic idea[edit]

At the time of writing, there are over 1600 PLoS articles with the terms "movie" or "video" in their supplementary materials. It is estimated that the total number of such Wikimedia-compatibly licensed supplementary videos across all open-access publishers is somewhere between 5000 and 10000. Virtually none of these are available in the open OGG format that is recommended for upload to Wikimedia Commons.

The aim of this project is to write a tool that would

  • regularly spider PubMed Central to locate audio and video files published in the supplementary materials of CC BY-licensed articles in the Open subset
  • convert these files to OGG
  • upload them to Wikimedia Commons, along with the respective metadata
  • provide for easy extension to other CC-BY sources, beyond PubMed Central
  • (possibly) suggest Wikipedia articles for which the video might be relevant


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