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This page is an editable version of a blog post (archived) by Alex Holcombe. Contributions to this page are released under a CC0 license, just like the original post.


Obstacle Possible solutions Comments
Journal subscription fees Open access mandates
Competition to be first-to-publish motivates secrecy Open Science mandates, especially Data sharing mandates see also Data sharing requirements
Jargon Increase science communication; science blogging
Pressure to publish high quantity means no time for learning from other areas Reform of incentives in academia
Inefficient format of journal articles (e.g. prose) Evidence charts, ? see also Journal of the future
Long lag time until things are published Peer review post publication, not pre publication
Difficulty publishing fragmentary criticisms Open peer review; incentivize post-publication commenting
Information contained in peer reviewers' reviews is never published Open peer review or publication of (possibly anonymous) reviews; incentivize online post-publication commenting
Difficulty publishing non-replications Open Science