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Hello Wikiversity

I'd like to salute all Wikiversity members and the Free Education Online Course facilitators and participants. I wish to be an active person in this course.

Thank you all for your efforts

wishing you good luck


Hi Erkan Yilmaz and all wikisNoura 17:58, 25 April 2008 (UTC)NouraRaslan It would be great to have chatting with you and with all Wikis. But please just wait till I finish my this week assignment, as I am completely indulged in the long list of video sites which we are required to test in order to write our assignment. Meanwhile, would you please help me in this question: Is the Embed code has to do with the free copyright, in other words, can we figure out whether a site allows free copyright if we could download and Embed a video code on our blog or we should see this sentence "the site allows free copyright".

thanks for hosting our questions and comments and welcome again from Syria

Hi Erkan nice to see that you know our Arabic greeting and thanks for your quick reply. I think that I am confused between three issues, that is, "free editing","free downloading" and "free copyright licensing" I need some expanation for these above mentioned words could you please clarify to me the following : Does "freedownload" equal "free copyright licensing", in other words does the site which offer free downloading of its videos necessary offer freecopyright license. on the other hand I understand that the site which offers free editing doesn't necessary offer freedownloading and free copyright license. Is that true? thanks for your kindness and cooperation

Noura 14:35, 26 April 2008 (UTC)NouraRaslan

Hi Erkan I managed finally (after thtree hours trial) to follow your instruction about Editting. It seems that I was confusing between Editting and signing a user page, as I thought that I should use signature in Editting new pages, in the same way I do that when typing on the user page.

thanks for your clarification and advice, hopefully I am not bathering you.

Noura 19:36, 3 June 2008 (UTC)NouraRaslan