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Nila Ming[edit]

AP English Language




Abandonment Love Success
Family Oppression Suffering
Hope Race Survival
Identity Rejection

Readings, Observations, and Experiences[edit]

Whether for class or my own enjoyment, these are a collection of some of my sources for learning.


  • Draper, Sharon. "Tears of a Tiger." New York: Simon Pulse, 1994

This book was based on a young mans guilt of accidently killing his best friend. After this horrible day Andy Jackson grieves about the death and he changes his life completely. Not for the good but for the bad. As friends and family try to help him cope he turns away from them not realizing that he his losing everything around him including his future.

"Maybe i shoulda tried to stop them that night. Maybe i shoulda been drivin'."

"Last week i learned that kids my age could die."

Film and Television[edit]

Lectures/Community Events[edit]

Nonfiction - Books[edit]

  • Ung, Loung. "Lucky Child A Daughter of Cambodia Reunites with the Sister she Left Behind. New York: Harper Perennial, 2005.

This book was about the author's life growing up during a tragic war. She tells us the hardship that she has been through and how moving to America changed her life. As she begins her new life in America she believes she will never see her sister again, but something happens that changed her life forever.

"In Vermont, alone is my bed, i grind my teeth knowing that i now have to stay strong for myself." (13)

"I'm not afraid anymore." (255)

Nonfiction - Essays[edit]

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