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Reflective Journals for Emotion & Motivation[edit]

About Me[edit]

Hi! My name is Nikki and I am studying Psychology and majoring in Justice Studies. I am studying full-time while working full-time, so dont really get much time for anything else. But I do enjoy hanging out with friends, going out and travelling. I will be heading to Mexico in January for an exchange program so I am finding it a little difficult to focus on study at the moment!

Week One: Introduction[edit]

Week Two: How to use Wikiversity[edit]

I did not attend this week’s lecture due to work; however, I did listen to it online. The lecture for this week covered tips and techniques on how to use wikiversity. After listening to the lecture online I wish I had of been there so I could have picked up on some of the tips a little clearer however, the online lecture recording did help. I am still feeling some apprehension about the textbook chapter because as I said before I am not technology savvy. Before the first tutorial I began looking at possible textbook chapter topics that I might like to do- I decided that I would either do Sex and Emotion or sexual motivation and sex offenders. However, before I lock in what I want to do I’ve decided to do some research on both topics and see what the first tutorial brings!

Tutorial One[edit]

To be honest, I hate tutorials it usually consists of five minutes of introducing yourself and your likes and then the other hour and fifty five minutes listening to the tutor talk about the lecture or listening to presentations! However, I found this tutorial to be different and actually helpful. First of all, we did an ice breaker (to be expected) however, it was different from other ice breakers and looked at peoples thumb sizes!!! Next we broke into small groups where we discussed the definition of emotion and motivation. My group came up with the following definitions: Motivation: an internal drive which drives action Emotion: a short-lived psychological state and expression of internal feelings. Next in our groups we talked about what textbook chapters we were looking at doing and why. We also starting looking at possible focus questions, headings, activities to include and other information we may include. The other people in my group were looking at doing motivation and dieting, emotion and anxiety, sexual motivation and emotion and facial expressions. The tutorial helped strengthen my liking for doing Emotion and Sex as my textbook chapter and I decided when I got home I would sign up for it.

Week Three: Brain & Physiological Needs[edit]

Lecture Four: Psychological & Social Needs[edit]

Lecture Five: Intrinsic/Extrinsic Motivation & Goal Setting[edit]

Lecture Six: The Self & Control Beliefs[edit]

Lecture Seven: Nature of Emotion[edit]

Lecture Eight: Aspects of Emotion[edit]

Lecture Nine: Emotion & Personality[edit]

Lecture Ten: Unconscious Motivation[edit]

Lecture Eleven: Growth & Positive Psychology[edit]

Lecture Twelve: Conclusion[edit]