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Nicholas Buccalo, Architect

Principal of SimpleTwig.

I am a contributor on this Wikiversity Project: My goal is to establish links between how humans think and what they represent in the real world. Studying Egyptology has allow me an insight into this thinking in a way that no other civilization has allowed, partly because the Ancient Egyptian culture was unique and without too much influence by other cultures for long periods of time. This allowed them to express themselves in their own way by making observations from the 'human on the ground point of view.' This means when they looked at the universe above and around them, they sought to make sense of it from their point of view, and it is my belief they expressed their knowledge in much of what they coveted as being important.

If considering contacting me to discuss a topic, see my personal Wikiversity user talk page: NBuccalo. I am readily accessible through the internet with a search of SimpleTwig.


  • Bachelor of Science in Architecture, The Ohio State University, School of Engineering, 1983.
  • Minor in Art History, The Ohio State University, Art History Department, 1983.
  • Master's of Architecture in Advanced Architectural Studies, Harvard University, Graduate School of Design, 1986.


  • Architect, and principal/founder of SimpleTwig™, launched in 1993 to present (updated 2017-18). Architectural Firm.


  • President of the New York Society of Renderers, Inc. (2000-2004).
  • Founder of several online communities (What Counts Now dot Org is my umbrella organization) which hopes to provide direction to young adults in living a successful and drama free life.
  • Founder of several alumni groups including Harvard GSD, JohnsonBurgee Architect community, SetInStone, and Bellbrook High School Alumni '78 Community which have all been transfer to others to run or have been transferred/discontinued to other formats.
  • Volunteer of the Brooklyn Youth Association.
  • Board Member of the Stuart C. Gruskin Foundation.