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This page and subpages are part of an experiment on incorporating real-time data in a learning resource. A bot automatically updates the subpages which include new measurements from a sensor once per hour. The image and image caption are usually updated once per day. See SkyCam for more info.

The data is collected from Ladd Observatory in Providence (41°50′20″N 71°23′57″W / 41.83889°N 71.39917°W / 41.83889; -71.39917)

A recent image of the sky above Providence from Ladd Observatory. A new image dynamically appears here each day. The timestamp below shows when the current version of the image was taken.
Last image filename: 00002975.FIT
Exposure started: 2019-10-18T07:43:01.659 UTC
Exposure time: 10 seconds

Archived example images[edit]

Depending on the local weather the image might be completely blank due to thick cloud cover or it might show an image of stars. A complete list of uploaded images can be found in the image file history. Here are explanations of a few selected images.

Overcast with raindrops on camera window.

Mostly cloudy.

Clear with stars but hazy.

Sky Camera image info[edit]

Key to User:Mu301Bot/nelm/image

  • Last image filename = the raw FITS data file name
  • Exposure started = timestamp of raw data file (UTC)
  • Image updated = timestamp of upload to webserver (Eastern Time Zone EST/EDT)
  • Image source: Sky Camera

Zenith Sky Brightness data[edit]

Graph of sky brightness in Providence, RI. (Jan. 27-28, 2016)

Key to User:Mu301Bot/nelm/data

  • mpsas = visual magnitude per square arc second [1]
  • nelm = approximate naked eye limiting magnitude [2] (unused)
  • source = Sky Brightness Meter
  • date and time = timestamp of data point (Eastern Time Zone EST/EDT)
  • temperature = internal temperature of sensor

Note: new data is only collected when the sky is dark enough.

  1. w:Background (astronomy)
  2. w:Bortle scale

Zenith Sky Brightness data[edit]

date      time      mpsas    temperature
20181230  16:00:03  06.57m  019.3C
20181230  17:00:03  14.94m  016.1C
20181230  18:00:03  18.73m  015.4C
20181230  19:00:03  18.75m  015.4C
20181230  20:00:03  18.78m  015.1C
20181230  21:00:03  18.79m  014.5C
20181230  22:00:03  16.91m  014.8C
20181230  23:00:03  16.58m  016.4C
20181231  00:00:03  17.26m  017.0C
20181231  01:00:03  17.01m  016.7C
20181231  02:00:03  18.95m  015.4C
20181231  03:00:03  18.91m  015.1C
20181231  04:00:03  18.75m  014.8C
20181231  05:00:03  18.59m  014.5C
20181231  06:00:03  18.43m  014.8C
20181231  07:00:03  09.92m  014.8C
20181231  16:00:04  07.18m  020.6C
20181231  17:00:04  14.72m  020.3C
20181231  18:00:04  15.45m  020.3C
20181231  19:00:04  15.77m  018.6C
20181231  20:00:04  15.50m  017.7C
20181231  21:00:04  15.45m  017.7C
20181231  22:00:04  15.58m  018.0C
20181231  23:00:04  15.57m  018.0C