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This bot account [1] belongs to User:Mu301 and uses pywikibot, the Python Wikibot Framework. See Manual:Pywikibot for instructions on how to obtain and install the source code. This bot is also used for the experimenting with learning resources such as the SkyCam project that incorporate real-time data. See real-time wiki data for details.

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A recent image of the sky above Providence from Ladd Observatory. A new image dynamically appears here each day. The timestamp below shows when the current version of the image was taken.
Last image filename: 00001850.FIT
Exposure started: 2019-10-17T04:14:23.706 UTC
Exposure time: 10 seconds

Automated tasks[edit]

Semi-automatic tasks[edit]

  • Bulk tag groups of pages with templates
  • Add or change categories for groups of pages
  • Search for and tag blanked/empty pages.

Inactive tasks[edit]