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Here are the ground rules for this discussion that I am moderating.

  1. I will begin with a brief statement which explains the purpose.
  2. I have included a list of questions with yes/no answers. Questions can be added as indicated by the statements of the participants.
  3. Have statements by individual contributors about the topic, under their own headings, not to exceed 700 words. Threaded and long-form discussions should take place elsewhere. Statements may contain links to other discussions or longer statements on another page.

Wikidata links to en-wv Draft: namespace[edit]

Let's start with a simple question before we get into particulars.


This is a discussion on the topic of Wikidata links to en-wv Draft: namespace pages.


Do you support, oppose, abstain, or are neutral about Wikidata including links to en-wv Draft: pages?


  • Draft namespace was intended for resources that for a variety of reasons might not be suitable for the main resource namespace. It should be considered inappropriate to link to them, just as other sister projects do not allow links to drafts. There is no point in maintaining a draft namespace if there is no distinction between a resource and a draft. --mikeu talk 17:17, 4 April 2019 (UTC)