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March 2008

  • I have been rather busy with real world projects lately and have not done as much editing and content creation here as I would have liked. The projects that I have been working on involve education and outreach through the observatory. There are a number of programs that include teacher training workshops and bringing science into the classrooms of local schools. Once these projects are underway I intend on using wikiversity pages to develop and distribute lesson plans and activities. There will also be some online collaborative learning. Here are some of the projects that will soon be developed: Weather station, new pages related to Observational astronomy, and SkyCam. Hopefully I will be able to start working on these within the next few weeks. Things are starting to come together and will probably develop quickly once they get off the ground. I have also been confirmed as custodian and recently nominated for bureaucrat. --mikeu talk 15:07, 9 March 2008 (UTC)
  • Next week I'll be attending a workshop on wiki and education. Here's the description:

Enhancing Student Engagement: the WIKI Collaborative Workspace

"Wiki software is a powerful yet flexible communication tool for collaborative work. A wiki website can be viewed and modified by anybody with a web browser and access to the internet. Its ease and flexibility has resulted in broad adoption. Wikis can address a variety of pedagogical needs such as student involvement, group collaboration, and asynchronous communication. Since wikis reside on the internet, students can access and participate from any location. Faculty and students can engage in collaborative activities that might not be possible in a classroom. The following faculty panel will share with us what they have learned from their experiences and help us formulate best (and worst) practices."

--mikeu talk 21:33, 11 March 2008 (UTC)