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January 2007

The star HD 209458
  • Take a look at the image at right. The bright star near the center goes by the rather unimaginative name of HD 209458. There is something about this star that is quite remarkable. You can't tell by looking at the image, but this star is home to a planet {which goes by the even less imaginative name of HD 209458 b.) It is one of more than 200 planets that have been discovered outside of our solar system. These distant planetary systems are the subject of one of the observational astronomy subpages that I recently started. The first activity encourages someone interested in learning about this topic to participate in the systemic research collaboration and join a learning group here. Learning projects like this bring up an interesting question about the role of research here at Wikiversity. Since many of the projects that I'm working on or planning involve some kind of research I'll need to address this question. In the next few days I'll start by writing up some more detailed descriptions of the projects that I have in mind.--mikeu 20:30, 27 January 2007 (UTC)