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Meri Vukicevic is an orthoptist and lecturer at La Trobe University.

Meri Vukicevic is a lecturer in the Department of Clinical Vision Sciences at La Trobe University and has completed a doctoral degree within the department. Meri is an experienced orthoptic clinician and has a private practice specialising in vision rehabilitation.

Meri is on the editorial board of the Australian Orthoptic Journal, the official and peer-reviewed journal of Orthoptics Australia and was a Managing Editor of Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology (the official peer-reviewed journal of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists) in 2011. Meri has also sat on the Human Ethics Committee for the Faculty of Health Sciences

Meri is an active member of Orthoptics Australia and the current president.

As part of her commitment to working with people with vision impairment, Meri has taken on a volunteer role with the Australian Paralympic Committee and is a qualified certifier of vision impaired athletes.

Wikiversity projects[edit]

[[File:Modern methods for modern students.ogv|thumb|300px|left|Modern Methods for Modern Students - Meri talking her development and reasoning for Human Vision and Function. Watch on [1].

[[File:MeriUsingYoutubeInPlaceOfLectures.ogv|thumb|300px|left|Meri Vukicevic teaches Human vision and function and orthoptics classes at La Trobe University. Meri has been experimenting with using Wikiversity and Youtube to develop a fully online first year subject. Here, she talks us through what she's done so far. Youtube,]]