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About me[edit]

Meerab Solomon portrait.jpg
  • Hi my name is Meerab and I'm studying a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the University of Canberra.
  • I'm doing a double major in Applied Psychology and Sport Psych.
  • I'm in my second year and finish in May next year as I've taken the accelerated course.
  • I'm currently enrolled in the unit Motivation and Emotion.
  • I'm from Pakistan and have 3 birds (galahs).

Book Chapter[edit]

Paraphilia motivations - What motivates paraphilias?

This chapter will address the following points:

  • What is paraphilia?
  • Types, Incidence and Diagnosis
  • Etiology
  • Treatment

Any feedback would be appreciated :)

Community contributions[edit]

  • Volunteer at Lifeline Canberra, and Kookaburra Kids Foundation
  • Youth Ambassador at Headspace Canberra

Social Contributions[edit]