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Social Psychology-Semester 2[edit]

About Me

Hi I'm Matthew. I'm currently studying a Bachelor of Psychology and Bachelor of Management, double degree. Social Psychology is a required unit for me to complete my degree.

Even so it looks to be rather interesting, as it is a subject that seems to be applicable to most situations and teaches knowledge which could be practically applicable in real life situations allowing for a better understanding of the way in which people can be affected by their social situations. I believe that what I learn in this subject could be extremely helpful in many situations which could occur in the future.


Week 2 - Introductory Tutorial

Week 3 - Social Self

Week 4 - Social Thinking

Week 5 - Aggression

Week 6 - Prejudice

Week 10 - Relationships

Week 11 - Groups

Week 12 - Pro-Social

Week 13 - Environmental