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What I do here[edit]

begun in Article
2010-06 Order 4 magic squares
2010-09 3-ary Boolean functions
2010-09 Symmetric group S4
2010-11 Fibonacci sequences, binary numbers and compositions
2010-11 0/0
2011-06 4-ary Boolean functions
2011-06 Subgroups of nimber addition
2011-07 Matrix multiplication examples
2011-09 Walsh permutation
2011-12 (Bit-) Permutations by cycle type
2012-03 Partition related number triangles
2012-05 Lexicographic and colexicographic order
2012-07 Inversion (discrete mathematics)
2013-07 Equivalence classes of Boolean functions
2013-10 Join (SQL)
2013-11 Formulas in predicate logic
2013-12 Formulas in predicate logic; different predicates
2013-12 Preferential arrangements of set partitions
2013-12 Syllogisms
2014-03 Adjacency matrix
2014-11 Permutations and partitions in the OEIS
2014-11 Partitions of multisets
2014-11 Rhyme schemes by set partition
2015-12 Integer partitions
2016-07 Full octahedral group
2016-11 Permutation notation
2016-12 Arrays of permutations

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