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Hello. My name is Mary Cordova. I am a student at Mesa State College. I am a Liberal Arts Major with Minors in Philosophy and Classical Studies.

Should you need to contact me about the Historical Introduction to Philosophy/General Introduction page or anything else you may post a message on my "my talk" or email me at

You may also want to check out my personal wiki (which is under construction just like this wikiversity project) as well as my blog (which is also under construction).

My Blog My Wiki

I plan to be a Professor of Philosophy. My wiki and my blog are intended to help me track my research. I am researching different schools in order to decide where I might want to teach. I am doing this in order to find out where the Philosophy faculty of those schools earned their Doctorate Degrees. In this way I will be able to decide where I would like to attend Graduate School.

I am in the very early stages of this research so there is not much there yet.

Nietzsche Scratch Page[edit]

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