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Presentation: Should AFL ban exotic betting

Sports gambling has become a major issue over the past 5 years. The AFL has bore the brunt of this with a number of star players and coaches facing the scrutinty of match fixing and corruption. This presentation explores the current situation of gambling within the Australia Football league by examining the current trends in this market, the relationship between the AFL and the role of the government in the attempt to ban all forms of exotic betting. Exotic betting is the newest craze in sports betting and involves ball-by-ball, or live betting with numberous option for betting including first goal scorer, most points etc. Much debate has centred around this bet type after Heath Shaw was caught betting on team mate Nick Maxwell to kick the first goal in a game. This was a major breach of the AFL's code of conduct and brought with it a lengthy suspension. This presentation examines both the posatives and negative of the association between the AFL and gambling agencies and looks at why the Government has stepped in and what they plan to achieve. The presentation is concluded with what i believe to be the most approproate manner in which all parties should choose.

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