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Symbolic of the struggle and fun involved in participating in this assesment peice

Hi Guys my name is Manda and I have created this account for social psychology which I am studying this semester at the Uni of Canberra. I am studying an undergraduate double degree in Psychology and Law and am in second year.

Hopefully this post works because I have been sitting here for like an hour trying to work this thingy jiggy out...sad I know.

As I understand we are contributing to this site to try and learn from each other and be assessed so hopefully I will find some interesting things to talk about and if you agree or disagree feel free to discuss, debate or do whatever you want. Good luck to all others struggling the same as me!

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Student Expectations Page[edit]

Hey guys! So it turns out lecturers are seeking ways to improve the way us students learn. To aid them in their efforts feel free to comment.

Social lecturer at his best-Give it up for Mr James Neill

Lecture and Tutorial Thoughts[edit]

The End is Nigh[edit]

So it's about midnight on Monday 3rd of November, I have about 8 hours to finish the assesment and I'm sitting here wondering why I took this course, what I have learned and what the point was/is. Social psychology has been extraordinarily interesting for me on a number of levels. First and foremost because I am a very social person. I am interested in why we all act as we do in certain situations and this course has explored some of the reasons out there. While I certaintly don't agree with all of them it is good to have the knowledge anyhow, it's also fun to give names to things happening and make people think I am knowledgable. The second use is because as psychology is one of my degree's its nice to have a fun interactive class and subject matter to motivate me to complete the assesment pieces and to engage in activities in tutorials. As my second degree is law and at the end of this exceptionally long road I am planing to spend a long part of my career working with victims of crime hopefully with the AFP then doing some prosecuting work with the DPP, the extra knowledge and theoretical background of social circumstances and ideals that may lead to crime and how people react to and in certain situations is something that is interesting to me now and hopefully useful in the future (ie: The bystander effect, Depersonalisation, Mob mentality etc). I have really enjoyed this course and even keeping this portfolio which I thought I was going to hate! Mainly I enjoyed reading other people's but I also hope I have made you think, giggle or something...

“The purpose of psychology is to give us a completely different idea of the things we know best”- Paul Valery

My psychology belongs to everyone.”- Alfred Adler