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This bot runs scripts written in Python Pywikibot, managed by User:Dave Braunschweig.

Missing License Information[edit]

MaintenanceBot builds a list of all recent file uploads and then checks each file to verify that a copyright or license tag has been added to the file. For any files that are missing tags, it adds a {{No license}} tag using {{subst:nld}}.

Files Missing License Information[edit]

MaintenanceBot builds a list of all files in Category: Pending deletions and Category:Files needing copyright information. It then collects user information for each file, and sorts the list by user. A section (topic) is then added to each user's talk page stating:

Thank you for uploading files to Wikiversity. See Wikiversity:Media for copyright and license requirements for Wikiversity files. All files must have copyright and/or license information added to the file.
Instructions for adding copyright and/or license information are available at Wikiversity:License tags. Files must be updated within seven days or they may be removed without further notice. See Requests For Deletion for more information.
The following files are missing copyright and/or license information:
<bulleted list of file links>

Other Tasks As Assigned[edit]

MaintenanceBot may be directed to complete other tasks on request, such as:

  • Add {{Fairuse}} for school project to files used for school projects such as those in ENES 100 and the various University of Florida engineering courses. This was a one-time cleanup of files where no license information was added and the files were not deleted while the real-world course was still running, based on a request by Professor Loc Vu-Quoc to preserve these files.
  • Import PlanetPhysics content from web site archive.
  • Remove ancient indefinite blocks on IP addresses and delete the corresponding openproxy block notification page.
  • Delete broken redirects.