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Welcome! My name is Maggie and I am a psychology student at the University of Canberra and, over the next 12-ish weeks, I will be contributing a chapter to the 2017 collaborative book from the Motivation and Emotion class. I've not started yet, but when I do, I would very much appreciate your contribution/critique/advice.



Topic - select topic - done!!! Good lives model of offender rehabilitation - what is the theory and evidence about the GLM model?

Plan - decide on basic structure and publish

Draft - start writing! I would greatly appreciate any contributions at this point - just please be courteous :)

Multimedia Presentation[edit]

Unit Outcomes[edit]

  1. Create awesome chapter
  2. Link to awesome presentation
  3. Get HD
  4. Don't Stress Out (too much)

Social Contributions[edit]


  1. 4:48 PM 16 August 2017: Answered query concerning multimedia presentation construction and submission
  2. 6:12 PM 20 August 2017: Offered possible solution to problem with topic development submission in Chrome


  1. 12:08 16 August 2017: Suggested potential focus for Sexting Motivation chapter (topic had been done previous year), provided 2 related articles
  2. 3:52 29 August 2017: Suggested title refinement for Gamification chapter/topic development
  3. 4:42 4 October 2017: Added hanging indent coding in reference section of Online Dating Motivation and Gender chapter
  4. 4:59 4 October 2017: Highlighted potential clarity concern in Environmental Design for People Living With Dementia chapter
  5. 4:35 21 October 2017: Fixed hanging indent formatting in reference section of Online Dating and Motivation Chapter (5:35 according to history)