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Luna Olfinger[edit]

AP English Language




Abandonment Love Success
Family Oppression Suffering
Hope Race Survival
Identity Rejection

Readings, Observations, and Experiences[edit]

Whether for class or my own enjoyment, these are a collection of some of my sources for learning.


Film and Television[edit]

Lectures/Community Events[edit]

"No one's born being good at all things. You become good at things through hard work."

Nonfiction - Books[edit]

  • Fisher, Antwone Queton.Fing Fish New York: Perennial,2001.

Finding Fish is about a guy named Eddie and a girl named Emma that had a child. The child was born in prison and he was sent to foster care. He was raped and he was treated badly.

" The beginning part is for my father. This is your story."

" But no, you got to go and get pregnant and then, they don't have no choice, it's back to lock up."

--Luna Olfinger 15:19, 1 October 2009 (UTC)

Nonfiction - Essays[edit]

Pictures, Graphs/Charts, Cartoons[edit]