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About me[edit]

Hey :-) My name is Luke O'Mahoney I am a third year Psychology student at the university of Canberra and am currently enrolled in the Motivation & Emotion Unit with James Neill. I am passionate about working with people and psychology and have an interest in hand-tools and fine furniture making. I am a regular blood donor and have saved over 40 lives now [Pm me if you'd like to give Blood! :-)

My Chapter[edit]

Here is a link to my book chapter: Behavioural activation and motivation.

Social Contributions[edit]


Peer Support entry 11/09/2018 - Adolescent educational Motivation [Read Book chapter recommended further reading material]

Peer Support entry 12/09/2018 - Anorexia Nervosa and intrinsic motivation [Read Book chapter suggested ego depletion/strength depletion models may be worth looking at and could contrast well with other motivational models. Provided writer with reference that may have been a useful start for further research.

Peer Support entry Posted June Grubers Human Emotion Lecture Series on the 2018 Twitter Feed

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