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Luisa Nomad[edit]

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Abandonment Love Success
Family Oppression Suffering
Hope Race Survival
Identity Rejection

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  • Walls, Jeannette. The glass castle. New York; Jeannette Walls, 2005.

The glass castle is a memoir of Jeannette walls. The memoir discuss her childhood life in poverty and Walls had to defend for herself and siblings due to the neglecting of her intoxicated father and mother that rather paint and write than take care of her responsibilities of her house hold. Eventually Walls and her siblings found the courage to leave their parents and be on their own. Jeannette Walls is now a successful writer and is happily married to John Taylor.

"we moved from city to city trying to find a place to stay". --Luisa Nomad 13:20, 2 October 2009 (UTC)

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