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What the Dormouse said[edit]

LBTH Competition Board[edit]

  • Established in 2009[1]
  • "Officer training is currently available through the corporate training programme. The standard training consists of three modules (Essentials of Procurement & Contract Law; Letting Procurement Contracts; Contract Management), but the training will be adapted for specific requirements, such as large consultancy contracts.

All high value contracts (over £250K) require the approval of Competition Board, and a new project appraisal process of “tollgates” has been introduced to facilitate this. Tollgates ask targeted questions about the client’s approach to the contract, and make recommendations for improvement. They also provide the opportunity for Procurement to identify gaps, provide support and promote good practice in contracting.

Presentations for Directorate officers to be arranged Summer / Autumn 2008. These will focus on the emerging Corporate Procurement Strategy, Procurement Code of Practice, and the category management approach."[2]


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  2. Appendix 13 Response to Scrutiny Working Group Report on Use of Consultants

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Maciunas' Learning Machines[edit]

"Rebuttal of One Theory" "A theory is a scheme explaining observed facts" p.68

Nam June Paik "Norbert Wiener und Marshall McLuhan" (1992)

"No matter how tiny, every unit of information painstakingly ferreted out in the course of years of research was subjected to the same ordering principle. This forcedMaciunas to constantly reread and revise his knowledge charts and to reorganise the data they contained, even though these later corrections, elaborations anf additions pushed the limites of what was practically possible. Using a scapel, he had to cleanly excise tiny units of information often no more than a few square centimetres in size, so as to be able to install new units in their place. Yet each one of these changes cast doubt not only on the encyclopedic diagram itself, bur also on the exactness of the data on which it was premised." p. 69 Maciunas G. (1970) 'A Preliminary Proposal for a 3-Dimensional System of Information storage and Presentation', Proposal for Art Education: From Year Long Srudy Supported by the Carnegie Corporation of New York 1968-9 San Francisco

Richard Kostelanetz Essaying Essays: Alternative Forms of Exposition (1975)